Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Imagine being swept along in a flow of people, all heading toward some central point. The people are all types; old, young, male, female, adult, and child. There are many of them; all pushing and excited. But what is it they are dying to see? Cars. Hundreds of new cars, all gloriously painted and waxed. Some are family cars; nothing special. But some are wonderfully exotic and high tech; from a car coated in silicon which can rotate 360 degrees, to a portable home office. Some are delightfully modern, yet classic; from a sleek yellow Corvette, to a classy Jaguar.White

But cars are not the only thing to see. Each car is not only equipped with stGoodbye, Dodge Girlsate of the art technology, but also with state of the art women. Some elegantly rest their delicately gloved hand on the side mirror as the car slowly revolves on a raised platform. Some drape themselves seductively over the hood. Some, such as the Dodge girls, give a spectacular show, flinging about bubbles with reckless abandon, even as they bend over in crop-tops and daisy dukes, water guns at the ready. And later, with a change of outfit, they boldly face the crowd, pouting seductively in black and red vinyl. Perhaps this is where the real attraction is; at least it seems to be, judging from the hordes of camera wielding geeks hell-bent on getting just the right shot.

Every car has an undeniably different feel to it; rugged jeeps, high class Bentleys, blatantly sexy Corvettes, and understated, yet elegant Jaguars. It is no coincidence that the image of the girls gesturing Vanna White style or handing out leaflets appeal in much the same way as the cars they are sponsoring. Their clothes and presentation are chosen specifically to complement the car, and they seem to succeed. The crowds thicken as you move into each display area, everyone jostling impolitely in their haste to see the cars, the women, or both. The air is thick with camera flashes, and it seems as if some men have brought their entire studio with them.

Goodbye, Dodge Girls

Cars (and women) are not the only things you can see at this extravagant event. There are motorcycles, with models ranging from Japanese to British. If so inclined, you can even check out the latest cranes, trucks, and tractors. The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show was the 40th Tokyo motor show event. It encompassed passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, vehicle bodies, parts and machinery and the premier of 180 different models.

Cars and women are nothing new. The two have gone together for ages, perhaps since the invention of the automobile, but certainly since the pinup girls of the 40s. Girls and machines have always been an attraction; girls and cars, girls and boats, girls and bikes. It often leaves me wondering which is showing off which. Is it the girls showing off the cars? Or is it the other way round?


The 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 lasted for 17 days from October 26th to November 11th at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe. If you’re interested in checking out the next Tokyo Motor Show, keep an eye on

Jaguar Girl

kawasaki man


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