Kiryu Antiques Fair

We walked up the street toward the temple, chaos all around us. One side of the street, old women were selling rolls of fabric, old clothes, and huge old-women panties.


Keys on Blue

On the other side of the street, men sold artifacts of forgotten times: hilt guards from samurai swords, old buddhas, sumo game lists handwritten in exquisite and tiny writing, old books full of kanji calligraphy, boxes of magazines and photos.


Kettles on Red

As we moved up the street, we noticed a few of the off-shooting roads contained their own festivals, some limited only to local delicacies.


Old Book

As we drew closer to the shrine, we saw where the real festival began. Along the street before, there had been many things, but most were old and not very special. Around the shrine, we found the same kinds of junk as well.


However, the items of note, were kimono. Hundreds of them, displayed on racks or laying on tables. Obi of woven silk and beautiful colors caught the eye, as did the heavier over garments, made to be worn over the obi knot at the back.


Perhaps She's Famous

I regret that I didn’t take any photos of the kimono, but I was too busy browsing, imagining myself decked out in this finery of a disappearing time.


Feudal Lord

I think I truly believe that a woman in a kimono is a women looking more beautiful than she could in other outfit. I watched a few young women, in bright kimono with flowers in their hair, mixing the past with the future. And I was awed; inspired enough, I guess, to buy my own.

2 Responses to “Kiryu Antiques Fair”
  1. Odelia says:

    I adore your photos from this adventure. Lovely. As is your writing.

  2. Bahia says:

    Thank you!! I enjoy your blog posts as well!

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