Japan Blogging in Summary

I recently came across a Japan blog, blogging about blogging in Japan. It’s true; those of us living in Japan just cannot resist blogging about our “unique” experiences living in this country. Like the man in the cautionary tale at the beginning of the post, I resisted blogging for more than 2 years in Japan. Now, just as I am preparing to leave, I have entered the world of Japan blogs.

“The Westerner’s Fear of the Neosign” seems to both mock and delight in the blogs of foreign bloggers living in Japan. He summarizes it quite nicely here:

The Greater Japanese Co-Prosperity Blogosphere

Every blog about Japan – and there are too many to count – reveals a dossier of prejudices that the author either held already or nurtured during that vital first year in the country. It’s no surprise that blogs are appended so innocuously –“a blog about my life in Japan”, “thoughts on Japanese society”, “visual culture in Japan” – since this is all the author believes himself to be doing.

With so much effort put into framing Japan for an online audience, why is it that when asked that most basic and predictable of questions by Japanese – “What do you think of Japan?” – the usually candidly functioning Western tongue is afflicted by paralysis? It’s not only to avoid being negative. Hardly any foreigners, save for newbies – and aren’t they just terrifically mockable? I mean, they actually reduce complex issues to opinions – can state in a few concise phrases what they really think of Japan. The truth is embedded in our blogging activities but we lack the critical insight to tease it out until it shines.

To identify which concept best summarizes your Japan blog, read the full entry How’s Your Japan Blog? For handy reference, he also includes a Japanese summary of the all the concepts to use when a Japanese person innocently asks you, “So, what do you think of Japan?”

2 Responses to “Japan Blogging in Summary”
  1. krissnp says:

    interesting blog.

  2. Kei Chan says:

    Hows My Japan Blog? —–> http://wakarahen.wordpress.com

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