Harajuku Fashion, 2008

Below are some photos I took while recently in Harajuku, Tokyo.

All photos are copyrighted by Bahia Simons-Morton (me), all rights reserved.

Happy Love

Happy Love © Bahia Simons-Morton

Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack © Bahia Simons-Morton

Spring Miffy

Spring Miffy © Bahia Simons-Morton

Pink Heart

Pink Heart © Bahia Simons-Morton

Let's Twist in Tokyo!

Let’s Twist in Tokyo © Bahia Simons-Morton

Perfectly Coiffed

Perfectly Coiffed © Bahia Simons-Morton

Rockabillies in Harajuku

Rockabillies in Harajuku © Bahia Simons-Morton


Together © Bahia Simons-Morton

Free Tibet

Free Tibet © Bahia Simons-Morton

3 Responses to “Harajuku Fashion, 2008”
  1. Odelia says:

    Haha, the do in “Perfectly Coiffed” seems to totally defy the law of gravity.
    Very nice photos.

  2. Great photos! I always wanted to go to Harajuku and take my own pictures of all the fashionistas out there but I don’t know if it’s ok without asking their permission…Some of the goths look pretty hostile, I always feel too timid to approach them..

    • bahia says:

      Thank you! In my experience, it seems that most of the people hanging out in Harajuku want people to notice their outrageous outfits and don’t seem to mind being photographed. Everyone I’ve ever asked has always said yes, so I wouldn’t let yourself be intimidated =) And I have taken a lot of pictures without asking and no one seemed to mind.

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