SRS: Japanese Study Update 2008年7月11日

Recently I have tried to up the amount of Japanese study that I do every day and I have been seeing an improvement in the rate of my language learning. I feel that I am retaining a lot more new words and grammar with my new study regimen.

The main part of my study is using Spaced Repetition Software (SRS) to review vocabulary every day. Depending on how well you know or understand the word or phrase, it brings up the words at different intervals to increase your brains retention. I first learned about SRS from All Japanese All the Time and after reading about his method, I also read a few reviews of the different types of SRS on Nihongo Pera Pera.

Since I have a Mac, I use Anki for my reviewing. With the function to sync to the internet, I can review from my PC at work and my computer at home without losing anything. I try to review every day, and whenever possible I add new vocabulary and sentences. Khaz on AJATT recommends using sentences as much as possible, as it teaches both grammar and vocabulary. When using sentences in my SRS I use only recognition, not production. When I use vocabulary I use both production and recognition.

As my vocabulary increases, I am trying to use more Japanese within the the answer portion of the SRS. For example, I will look up a word in the Sanseido Dictionary and use the Japanese definition as the question, and for the answer I need to guess the word. This is useful, but is slow going both to look up the word, and to be able to understand the definition. As my my vocab improves I will use this more and more.

Next Japanese language post I will talk more about my listening practice.

Some of my frequently used links are below. If you have any good links or books for Japanese practice, please comment below and tell me about them.



Useful Links:

All Japanese All the Time
How to Learn Any Language
Nihongo Pera Pera
Japanese Grammar JGram
The Japanese Page
The JLPT Study Page


Sanseido (Japanese to Japanese)
Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC

Japanese News Sites:

FNN News (includes video)
Mainichi News Feed


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