Getting Started on Learning a Second Language

All Japanese All the Time (AJATT)

While he focuses on Japanese and Chinese learning, most of the techniques he recommends can be applied to any language.

Spaced Repetition Software

This moves things from your short term memory into your long term memory through reviewing flashcards using algorithms. There are different options for this software.

How To Learn Any Language


If you are like me and tend to get sucked into aimless web browsing this addon for the Firefox browser can help.

Here are some other tips:

1) Read stuff in your target language, from blogs, the paper, to books (young adult level can be a good starting place, but avoid kids books they are not interesting and not that useful).

2) Watch stuff in your target language. Movies that you are already familiar with the plot of but dubbed over in your target language, TV shows and movies that only exist in your target language, etc.

3) Make some friends who speak primarily your target language (this is easier when you live in a country where they speak that language, but if not there are great resources on the web). It’s a great way to inspire yourself because you have the drive to communicate.


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