Fall 2010 Newsletter for Florida JETAA

So a few months ago I moved to Florida from Washington DC.  After looking around for (i.e. Googling) the Florida chapter of the JET Alumni Association, I found their website and learned that they were without a current newsletter editor.

Back when I lived in Japan, I was involved with the Gunma Prefecture chapter of the National Association of JET (GAJET) where I was the newsletter editor and a regional representative, so I was really happy to get involved after moving down to Florida.  However, Florida is a big state and the JET alum are spread out all across it.  One of the biggest challenges for a newsletter editor (especially a volunteer one) is motivating and finding contributors.  This gets easier the longer you’ve been in a place and have more personal connections.  Fortunately, the Florida JETAA board, especially the president Tom, was a great help in generating content for my first issue of the newsletter.

For the next issue, I’m looking for a few things from Florida JET alums, JET alums in other places, and anyone related to JET/English teaching in Japan or Japanese teaching in the USA.

Some ideas:

  • Photos and art by Jet alum
  • Stories about your return to USA after JET
  • Upcoming events, festivals, classes, etc
  • Info/reviews about Japanese restaurants, museums, markets, karaoke bars, etc around Florida
  • Japanese study resources, as well as info about test and language events
  • Anything else you can think of!

I will also be starting a regular feature highlighting what JETs are doing after their return to their home countries.

This feature has two purposes.  One is to show what JET alum are doing now to give some insight to returning JETs of what they could be doing and how they can get there, which is particularly challenging in the current economic slump.  Th second is to show the success that JET participants are having post-JET and how JET has shaped their experiences back at home.

If you’d like to participate, please let me know by sending me an email at floridajetaanewsletter at gmail.com with the answers to the below questions:

1) Name, years on JET (i.e. 2008-2009), year in Japan not on JET (if applicable), state you live in
2) What are you doing now?
3) How did you get involved in it? / Did JET have any impact on what you are currently doing?
4) What challenges did you face after returning from JET and how did you overcome them? (If applicable)
5) If you could give other JET Alum some advice, what would it be?


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