The Restoration: Part-Timers Threaten Quality of Teaching?

In response to The Chronicle of Higher Education article titled Conditions Imposed on Part-Time Adjuncts Threaten Quality of Teaching, Researchers Say a part-time adjunct responds in this blog post regarding the tactics they use in class – ones that correspond with best practices that the article highlights.

While the Chronicle article primarily blames the conditions that adjuncts work under, Erin Seabolt Bond argues in her post that she uses nearly all of the things the study finds part-time adjuncts don’t use.

What do you think?

I think you have to be pretty motivated by teaching to work as a part-time adjunct considering the conditions.  The Chronicle article highlights some problem areas with the study as well that make me feel like additional research on this topic is needed.

You can read Erin’s full post here:

Part-Timers Threaten Quality of Teaching?


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