The Chronicle of Higher Education: Money on the Table

I recently read this post about the rise of tuition in private universities.  Among other things, Peter Wood comments:

The university president I worked for had a colorful way of framing the problem. He would remind his administrative colleagues, “We don’t want to leave money sitting on the table.” What he meant was that if families could possibly pay more to attend our university, our duty was to capture that increment. A prime consideration was to make sure that those students eligible to get federal grants and to take out federally guaranteed student loans maxed out on these. If they didn’t, we were “leaving money on the table.”

The post is short and definitely worth the read, but it brings to the forefront a different question than what Wood explores:

Are expensive private universities really worth the price tag?  Are Ivy Leagues?

Are you really getting better quality of education at these institutions – or are you just purchasing the name?

What do you think?

Read the full post here:

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Innovations – Money on the Table

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