Blogger Eats School Lunch Every Day for a Year

One day, after forgetting her lunch at home, a teacher bought lunch in the cafeteria thinking, “How bad can it be?”

Pretty bad, apparently.  So bad, that it spurred her to create her blog Fed Up With School Lunch that chronicles her journey of eating school lunch every day.

Each post includes her assessment of the meal as well as a picture.  She says that for many of her students in her Chicago area school the school lunch is their best meal of the day, and that is partly what she found so shocking.  While she considers herself definitely not an activist, her blog has gotten a lot of attention from those in the movement to improve school lunch.

Personally, when I was a kid my parents always packed me a healthy lunch.  When I got to high school we were allowed open lunch, which meant I usually got a salad or sandwich from somewhere nearby – mostly because the school lunch was so terrible (and it was uncool to eat in the cafeteria).  Then again, I wasn’t a low income student whose parents rely on a subsidized lunch to make sure their children get enough to eat.

Read the Today article here:

Blogger’s year of mystery meat: School lunch every day – TODAY Health –

And check out the anonymous blogger’s site here:

Fed Up With School Lunch


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