The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – Tears for a Second Home

When I heard about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has ravaged Japan I was struck motionless, like I was hanging in time, watching the disaster unfold in front of my.  The way the news plays the same clips over and over, it’s almost like time has stopped, yet time marches on.  With the new nuclear reactor dangers I am glued to the news every day.  Reading and watching as much as I can, and when I cannot I am thinking about it.

©2007 Bahia Simons-Lane

Until now I felt I had lost all words to talk about it.  Seeing your home away from home being destroyed creates so many emotions.  You both wish you were still there so that you could have solidarity with the people who are, and relief that you are not.  You want to go there and help, but know that unskilled yet well meaning aid is unhelpful.  You look at the list of aid organizations and you wonder – Where do I donate?  Which one will get the help to where it is needed the fastest?  You really don’t know.  With the uncertainty around the nuclear reactor mounting, you can’t help but think the worst.  You ask yourself, if you were there would you evacuate or would you stick it out.

Now I have regained my words and I’m waiting to find out what happens next.


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