Where to Look in Social Media for Japan Updates

After the earthquake and subsequent tsunami Facebook and Twitter became top ways that information was being spread about what was happening in Japan.  The way I heard about the safety of my friends living there was primarily through Facebook and many friends maintained constant contact with the foreign community in Japan using it.  I think we all know that while social media can be a great way to get to the minute news, there are always questions of reliability and during a time of crisis some of that information is bound to be erroneous.  So, I’d like to share the blogs and Twitter feeds that I’ve found that are sharing a wealth of constant and accurate information about what is going on in Japan.

©2007 Bahia Simons-Lane

The JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme community and alumni community has also mobilized to spread information about the situation in Japan.

  • The National Association of JET provides regular updates on how you can help from within and outsides of Japan on their site ajet.net and you can find them on Twitter @NationalAJET.
  • The JET alumni driven blog JETwit.com is also providing regular updates about the situation in Japan.
  • The JET Alumni Association is also tweeting about the situation in Japan and reporting on the status of JETs in Japan @JETAAi.

With many people still missing, if you are looking for someone in Japan or have news about someones whereabouts, please go to the Person Finder for the Japan Earthquake at http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/, which is available in Japanese, English, and several other languages.

If you have any other good social media news sources for the Japan situation please comment below.

2 Responses to “Where to Look in Social Media for Japan Updates”
  1. amblerangel says:

    Prior to moving to Japan, I was a social media dork- as in I knew nothing. In order to survive as my language skills grew, I had to come in to this century and spread my wings some. After the earthquake I had to seriously come up to speed. Now, I feel like I lived in the dark ages. Thanks for all your links. They’re great!

    • bahia says:

      Thanks, I’m glad your finding my links interesting. I feel like things are moving so fast that I can’t keep up with all the information out there on the social networks about the earthquake and tsunami, both then and in the aftermath. It really is a lot of work trying to keep up!

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