#quakebook – A Twitter-sourced Charity Book for Japan

Japanese Red Cross

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By now, you’ve probably already heard of #quakebook, developed in just 4 weeks by crowdsourcing authors, bloggers, and regular people to write about their experiences with the earthquake in Japan.  If you haven’t, it’s an incredibly worthwhile project that gives back to Japan 100%.  Completely created by volunteers, there is no profit or overhead taken out before the funds reach the Japanese Red Cross.

As the #quakebook makers explain:

Let me repeat: 100% of the money goes to the Japan Red Cross. None of us involved in this is making a penny from it. And that’s just the way we all want it. It’s the promise I made to every contributor, every person who buys a copy, and to the survivors of the earthquake. This book tells their story, so it’s only right that they should reap all the rewards.

Personally, I’m incredibly inspired by this type of project.  In part, it’s because it’s so exciting to see the way that new technology like Twitter can be used to connect people at a time of need.  In another way, it’s inspiring to see so many people create a product together with the goal of helping others. You can visit the #quakebook site at:  #quakebook | A Twitter-sourced charity book

You can get the book online from a number of different e-retailers, including Amazon.com.


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