My Relationship with TV

My friend posted about her TV watching habits, which made me reflect on my own.  We don’t watch much TV by American standards.  I read a stat that said the average American watches about 5 hours of TV a day. I don’t even know how that’s possible.  We watch much less than that, but we still felt like we were watching too much TV, at about 1 – 2 hours per night 4-5 days per week.  So now we have one or two nights per week that are TV nights and the other nights are no TV nights and we work on projects or read or whatever we want to do – as long as it doesn’t involve TV.

Now, TV is a passive happiness provider (I think I read this in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project).  I love watching TV.  I can sit and watch episode after episode of the same show (if it’s a great show, like Buffy, for example), which is something my husband simply can’t do.  When you watch TV your brain is off, you can relax, and that feels good, but the reward of a passive happiness is not as good as when you actively create happiness through a project or reading a book.  I actually notice that on the weeks that we don’t watch much TV we are happier.  Or at least I feel happier, more satisfied and less frustrated with aspect of life that normally get me down.   Ironically, those things that get me down usually are what make me want to slump on the couch and watch TV after a long day.

Not watching TV also makes me feel like I have so much more time.  When I watch TV the time passes so quickly and suddenly it’s bedtime.  So there’s another reason to limit my TV watching.

But I don’t think I’d want to cut out TV watching all together.  That passive happiness has a place.

Here are some great shows out there that I’ve been watching lately.  In no particular order:

  1. Grimm – We just started watching this and I’ve been very impressed.  It reminds me a bit of Buffy.
  2. Saving Grace – We first saw this on an airplane ages ago, and it’s a very clever show about people’s relationships to God.
  3. Sons of Anarchy – just finished everything they have on Netflix. Great show about a biker gang.
  4. Bones – started watching this two season ago because of David Boreanaz and while it’s a bit formulaic we like the characters and I love how many strong female characters are on this show.
  5. How I Met Your Mother – Watched up to what they have on Netflix so I’m about a season behind.
  6. Scrubs – I just started watching this, usually while I’m working out.  Funny and clever.
  7. The Dick Van Dyke Show – An oldie, but a goodie, we are watching this from the beginning.
  8. Whitney – A bit formulaic, I love the main characters.  They have a “real” dynamic that makes them a believable couple.
  9. Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 – The characters are stereotypes, but this show is quirky and funny.
  10. 30 Rock – I love this show, but have all but stopped watching it since Hulu can only stream it on the computer and not through our Roku.
  11. My Little Ponies – Seriously, it’s better than you think.
  12. Glee – I’ve been disappointed since the first season ended, but I still keep watching.
  13. New Girl – One of our favorite new sitcom.  I guess I just can’t resist the manic pixie girl.
  14. The Glades – My husband just started watching this and it’s pulled me in.  Based in Florida where we live and it’s a well done detective show.

Shows I want to give a try or start watching again:

  1. Madmen
  2. TrueBlood – Seen the first season.
  3. Supernatural
  4. Sherlock – Seen the first season, amazing!
  5. Lost – Seen the first few episodes
  6. Game of Thrones – just finished the books (read my post about them here)
  7. Dr. Who
  8. Downton Abby
  9. Battleground (a Hulu original show that a college friend is in)

What about you?  How much TV do you usually watch?  Are there any great shows you think I should check out?

2 Responses to “My Relationship with TV”
  1. raxxq says:

    You should check out Homeland (not that I’m in the business of encouraging new TV habits). Dan and I were going to start watching Breaking Bad, but when I told him about my plan his response was “Does this mean we don’t have to start Breaking Bad?” We’ll see how it goes… Almost all of the people I know who have the same taste in TV as I do really like that one… and I’m still pretty lukewarm on True Blood.

    • I’ve heard great things about Breaking Bad and I should put that one on my “to watch” list. I liked the first season of TrueBlood OK, but since I really enjoyed the books I was thrown by how much they changed. I’ve heard that just gets worse as the series goes on, but I’m still curious.

      I’m not at all familiar with Homeland. I’ll check it out.

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