It’s funny how even winning something small can light up your day.

I recently won a giveaway on my friend’s blog that she held to celebrate five years of blogging.  Five years seems pretty incredible to me, as does the diligence with which she blogs.   My blog has been around since 2008, which I guess is about 4 years, but I’ve never been regular enough in my posting to really celebrate an anniversary of any kind.  Olivia has.

Olivia is a writer and a mother and blogs a lot about those two things, along with reading – which I think all writer’s do a lot.  I started reading her blog maybe about a year ago.  She’s actually a friend from middle school and then high school, but it was through Facebook that I heard about her blog and started reading it regularly.

Recently I was going through some old papers for a project I am working on, which is to go through all the old papers and pictures I have from basically my entire life and archive them.  I came across a letter from Olivia from a summer in middle school, sent when she was away visiting family.  I recalled that we used to be pretty good friends and it really took me back.  Ah, memories.

At any rate, winning her giveaway was a big surprise.  I’ve been so busy lately that I completely forgot all about it until she sent me a message on Facebook.  Then I forgot about it again until I got a small package in my mailbox yesterday.  My mailbox is skinny, and I looked out my window to see a big white thing poking out of the top.  The postman couldn’t fit it in the box and rather than come to the door he stuffed it halfway in.  I ran down to grab it – the heady feeling of getting something unexpected in the mail creating a kind of mini euphoria.

I opened it up and it was full of goodies!

Up in the top corner of the picture is a little box of earrings.  Somehow, as fate would have it, I was just looking at flower earrings this past week and thinking about buying some!  How did she know?

I am also a big tea drinker, and this assortment of gourmet teas fit right in to my tea drawer.

The assortment to the right of the Tetley is from Olivia.  I drank a cup of it yesterday afternoon when I took a much needed break from the workday.

If you didn’t see the link above, click here to go to Olivia’s blog!

One Response to “Winning”
  1. Olivia says:

    Hooray for winning! And thank you SO MUCH for commenting on my blog. It’s nice to not just be blogging out to space & know people are there!

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