Interview for The Daily Creative Writer

A few months ago I was interviewed along with a few other bloggers by Elizabeth Cutright of The Daily Creative Writer.  This interview was really fun to do and it was exciting to see the responses of other bloggers to the same questions (it was especially an honor to be included in an interview with such prolific bloggers).

Part One, Interview With a Blogger, addresses the question “Why did you start a blog?”  This is one question that everyone has the same answer to – Get rich quick!  Just kidding, I think most bloggers know that blogging is a labor of love and not the way to a six figure salary.  All of the bloggers interviewed had a different answer.

Part Two addresses the issues of time, audience, and content.  All things that bloggers need to think about all the time.

Part Three focuses on where ideas come from, how blogs evolved to cover different content, and the most important rule: don’t stop writing.

Lastly, Elizabeth Cutright at The Daily Creative Writer nominated me for a Blog of the Year 2012 award and the Super Sweet Blogger award.  I definitely didn’t expect it and I’m extremely flattered.  I think I kind of missed my chance to return the favor with all of the craziness of the holidays and the travel I have been doing the past few months, but I do hope you enjoy the interviews over at The Daily Creative Writer and check out some other posts on that wonderful blog.  Elizabeth is certainly a master of the “just keep writing” mantra.

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