Why I Love the Olympics (but hate the NBC coverage)

I love watching the Olympics.  I’m not usually a sport fan.  I watch the World Cup every four years, and other than that the Olympics are it.  I don’t have any local sports teams that I root for, and I find most popular sports in the United States fairly boring.  But the Olympics is about … Continue reading

Letter trove details Occupation life in Japan

The Japan Times will begin publishing thousands of pages of letters written by a young American woman living in Japan during the US occupation.  Her letters detail the state of many cities after the war, the first appearance of Emperor Hirohito as a man (and not as a deity), and the well-off situations of the … Continue reading

Binocular Soccer

Check out this video from an old Japanese variety show.  In this video the players play soccer with binoculars on their heads.

Jouyou Kanji (常用漢字)

The Jouyou Kanji is the government issued list of kanji that everyone should know. However, the kanji placed on the list are not the most commonly used kanji encountered in everyday life, making the list not as useful as it could be. I recently read Tae Kim’s post about the proposed revisions to the list … Continue reading

Edo Harumi (エドはるみ) – Japanese Comedian

My favorite Japanese comedian is Edo Harumi. I don’t like many Japanese comedians because I think they are kind of stupid (slapstick humor is very popular) but I think Edo Harumi is hilarious! She mocks the middle aged Japanese women who are still trying to be cutesy and they have very specific mannerisms which she … Continue reading