MisEducation Nation 2011

I just finished a class for my International/Intercultural Education Master’s program and we watched a panel called “MisEducation Nation” that captivated me.  This panel was in response to the annual Education Nation Town Hall that is held by NBC.  The video is a bit long, but I hope you will find it as interesting as … Continue reading

New JET Departure Reception in Florida 2011

It’s a little late, but we said goodbye to the Florida JETs a few months ago at a reception at the consul general’s residence in Miami.   This followed a training and question session and was a time to wish the JETs best of luck in their new job and adventure. As the president of the … Continue reading

International Education Week 2010: Travel Video Contest Winner

On Friday, November 19th InternationalStudent.com announced the winner of their travel video contest on the last day of International Education Week 2010.  Caitlin Collom won for her video “Watch Out Scotland,” which she edited, sang, and directed herself. If you’d like to watch more of the videos from the Travel Video Contest, you can watch … Continue reading

Gayatri Spivak and the Subaltern

I recently watched this interesting video of a keynote speech given by Gayatri Spivak about the trajectory of the subaltern in her work. Gayatri Spivak is most well known for her article “Can the Subaltern Speak?”, considered a founding work in postcolonial studies.  She is also well known for her translation of Derrida’s Of Grammatology.  … Continue reading

International Education Week 2010

This week, November 15th to 19th, is the 11th annual International Education Week. “And today, fortunately my new role, it affords me extraordinary opportunities to visit foreign countries.  And during these trips, I try to spend as much time as possible with young people.  And those experiences are what convince me so fully that it’s … Continue reading