Chahan is Japanese fried rice.  Originally from China, this is an example of one of the many foods that has been  assimilated and changed for Japanese tastes.  The main difference between Japanese style fried rice and Chinese style is that with the Japanese style you mix the raw egg with the rice before cooking. Chahan … Continue reading


One of the dishes I miss the most from Japan is Yakisoba.  Every summer at the festivals, street venders would cook up big batches of the stuff and sell it to you topped with some dried nori flakes and red ginger.  They’d hand it out in a plastic box, sometimes wrapped with a rubber band.  … Continue reading

Blogger Eats School Lunch Every Day for a Year

One day, after forgetting her lunch at home, a teacher bought lunch in the cafeteria thinking, “How bad can it be?” Pretty bad, apparently.  So bad, that it spurred her to create her blog Fed Up With School Lunch that chronicles her journey of eating school lunch every day. Each post includes her assessment of … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Japan…

After three years I am finally leaving Japan. As the plane tickets are finalized (and payed for), and as we pack up our belongings; ruthlessly throwing out the things which we don’t need, the realization that we are actually leaving hits me. I have had a great time living in Japan and I have learned … Continue reading

Great Japan Beer Festival

My first reaction when I heard about the Great Japan Beer Festival during Golden Week was, “Awesome, I like beer! Let’s go!” My second impression, after viewing the poorly designed and amateurish website was, “On second thought, this website is really lame. Maybe we shouldn’t go…” In the end, however, we spontaneously went to Tokyo … Continue reading