Fighting Bullying With Babies –

The typical institutional response to bullying is to get tough. In the Tyler Clementi case, prosecutors are considering bringing hate-crime charges. But programs like the one I want to discuss today show the potential of augmenting our innate impulses to care for one another instead of just falling back on punishment as a deterrent. And … Continue reading

Fat girl: A history of bullying – Life stories –

I just read the article Fat girl: A history of bullying – Life stories –  It’s a touching story, and also cringe-worthy.  Many of us (perhaps most of us) experienced bullying in school.  For me, it was my dorky glasses and latent thumb-sucking.  In later years, it was my long hyphened last name (which … Continue reading

JET Programme Update – Still on Chopping Block

This is just a brief update on the status of the JET Programme in light of the recent Japanese evaluation of governmental waste in spending.  The current JET issue has recently come to the attention to many international news outlets and the JET alumni community has been taking steps to get the word out and … Continue reading

The JET Programme is in Trouble

It appears that the JET Programme is in trouble. The JET Programme, which took me to Japan for 3 years (2 on JET, and one year working for the Compulsory Education Division of the Board of Education in Gunma), is a valuable program that gives Japan vital exposure to international people from a large number … Continue reading

Letter trove details Occupation life in Japan

The Japan Times will begin publishing thousands of pages of letters written by a young American woman living in Japan during the US occupation.  Her letters detail the state of many cities after the war, the first appearance of Emperor Hirohito as a man (and not as a deity), and the well-off situations of the … Continue reading