It’s funny how even winning something small can light up your day. I recently won a giveaway on my friend’s blog that she held to celebrate five years of blogging.  Five years seems pretty incredible to me, as does the diligence with which she blogs.   My blog has been around since 2008, which I guess … Continue reading

Last Visit to Harajuku

Enkai (宴会)

Enkai are a vital part of Japanese culture. The definition of “enkai” is merely “party; banquet” but it is also what greases the wheels of social communication in Japanese culture. The enkai is usually a work party celebrating something such as the start of the new fiscal year or transfer of the office workers. At … Continue reading

Daikou (代行サービス)

In Japan, drinking is very popular. It is an essential part of most evening events, and even work parties (enkai 宴会). However, there is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. If you drive after even 1 drink you could find yourself with a ticket for thousands of dollars, possibly jail time, and you … Continue reading

Harajuku Fashion, 2008

Below are some photos I took while recently in Harajuku, Tokyo. All photos are copyrighted by Bahia Simons-Morton (me), all rights reserved. Happy Love © Bahia Simons-Morton Leader of the Pack © Bahia Simons-Morton