Last Visit to Harajuku


Harajuku Fashion, 2008

Below are some photos I took while recently in Harajuku, Tokyo. All photos are copyrighted by Bahia Simons-Morton (me), all rights reserved. Happy Love © Bahia Simons-Morton Leader of the Pack © Bahia Simons-Morton

Photo Post #1

Headphone Punk, Shibuya 2007 Geisha Doll, taken at Ikaho Toy and Doll Museum, 2007 Red Alligator, Gunma, taken in a home goods store in Takasaki Aeon Mall, 2008 ©2008 Bahia Simons-Morton

Kiryu Antiques Fair

We walked up the street toward the temple, chaos all around us. One side of the street, old women were selling rolls of fabric, old clothes, and huge old-women panties.   On the other side of the street, men sold artifacts of forgotten times: hilt guards from samurai swords, old buddhas, sumo game lists handwritten … Continue reading

A Bandage in Four Colors

Shortly after I first moved to Japan I went to the Vodafone shop to get a cell phone. That day, I found this lovely stuffed panda sitting against a lovely red wall in the shop. The title comes from a poem I wrote which has the same name. ©2007 Bahia Simons-Morton