The Real Voice of Japanese Students

One of the biggest complaints that EFL/ESL teachers have about teaching English in Japan is the focus on grammar and testing at the expense of opportunities for communicating.  In this video, we see that Japanese students are also frustrated and want to speak English more. About this video: The real voice of Japanese university students … Continue reading

Four Ex-Students Want to Keep JET – Yet we need to hear from more!

A few months ago, an article about the debate on the benefits of the JET Programme caught my eye. On July 27, 2010, The Japan Times published an article as part of the response to the JET Programme being called out as part of the massive budget review.  In this article, four students speak about … Continue reading

JET Programme Update – Still on Chopping Block

This is just a brief update on the status of the JET Programme in light of the recent Japanese evaluation of governmental waste in spending.  The current JET issue has recently come to the attention to many international news outlets and the JET alumni community has been taking steps to get the word out and … Continue reading

The JET Programme is in Trouble

It appears that the JET Programme is in trouble. The JET Programme, which took me to Japan for 3 years (2 on JET, and one year working for the Compulsory Education Division of the Board of Education in Gunma), is a valuable program that gives Japan vital exposure to international people from a large number … Continue reading

What Not to Wear in the Workplace (for Foreign Teachers in Japan)

It’s April and the new school year is just starting! If you made a bad impression when you first arrived in Japan, now can be a good time to remake your image as a good, hard-working, and appropriately dressed ALT. With many teachers changing schools, you will be meeting new teachers for the first time, … Continue reading