My Relationship with TV

My friend posted about her TV watching habits, which made me reflect on my own.  We don’t watch much TV by American standards.  I read a stat that said the average American watches about 5 hours of TV a day. I don’t even know how that’s possible.  We watch much less than that, but we … Continue reading

Binocular Soccer

Check out this video from an old Japanese variety show.  In this video the players play soccer with binoculars on their heads.

Edo Harumi (エドはるみ) – Japanese Comedian

My favorite Japanese comedian is Edo Harumi. I don’t like many Japanese comedians because I think they are kind of stupid (slapstick humor is very popular) but I think Edo Harumi is hilarious! She mocks the middle aged Japanese women who are still trying to be cutesy and they have very specific mannerisms which she … Continue reading

Gunmania 2008: Spring Issue (vol 2)

The magazine I write for has just come out with it’s spring issue, so check it out. This magazine is a quarterly publication about Gunma Prefecture (群馬県), where I currently live. In this issue: -Running (And Cycling) For A Cause by Erin Kessler -Great Japan Beer Festival by Bahia Simons-Morton -Gunma Public: Teacher Dorama by … Continue reading


学校へ行こう!(gakkou e ikou!) is a Japanese television show showed from 8 to 9 pm on Tuesday nights on TBS. The title means, “Let’s go to school!” and the show focuses on various school related activities and games. It is hosted by the idol group V6. There is some debate as to the meaning of “V” … Continue reading