JNTO Seeks to Offer 10,000 Free Tickets to Japan

There is an incredible opportunity in the works with JNTO requesting funds for 10,000 free roundtrip tickets to Japan.  This comes in the wake of the severe drop in tourism that has been experienced by Japan since the tsunami and earthquake devastated the country, particularly because of radiation concerns. If this does indeed go through … Continue reading

Memories of First Arrival

I wrote this poem for a friend’s theater project. It was supposed to be about a time you felt alone or couldn’t communicate.  The first thing that came to mind was how I felt when I first arrived in Japan when I was going on the JET Program.  I think this time stood out in … Continue reading

Jetwit.com Project: How much tourism revenue has JET generated for Japan?

JetWit’s new project is to collect information about how much tourism impact JET participants have on Japanese tourism. To support this initiative: E-mail visitors [at] jetwit.com and Tell them how many people you are personally responsible for causing to visit Japan (both during and since JET). Please make sure to include: Number of tourists (e.g., … Continue reading

Last Visit to Harajuku

Edo Harumi (エドはるみ) – Japanese Comedian

My favorite Japanese comedian is Edo Harumi. I don’t like many Japanese comedians because I think they are kind of stupid (slapstick humor is very popular) but I think Edo Harumi is hilarious! She mocks the middle aged Japanese women who are still trying to be cutesy and they have very specific mannerisms which she … Continue reading