Dreaming of Electricity

Except from my NaNoWriMo novel.  Copyright 2011 Bahia Simons-Lane I was sitting in a car in Gunma Prefecture staring at the scenery rushing by.  It was unfamiliar and exotic; rice fields submersed partially in water and mountains on the horizon.  The journey to my own new home was almost complete and the adrenaline I had … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Japan…

After three years I am finally leaving Japan. As the plane tickets are finalized (and payed for), and as we pack up our belongings; ruthlessly throwing out the things which we don’t need, the realization that we are actually leaving hits me. I have had a great time living in Japan and I have learned … Continue reading

Going Back

I went back to Numajo.  Numajo was the all girls’ high school I taught at my first two years in Japan.  Still working in the same prefecture, I took a job last summer as an advisor for language teachers and a teacher for special needs students.  I didn’t realize how sad I would be when … Continue reading

Small Moments

This was written for the Gunma Guide, an English language newsletter for Gunma Prefecture, Japan. *** In my opinion, there are two types of people who come to Japan; there are those who stay for a short time, and there are those who stay forever. Each of these individuals must have a spirit adventurous enough … Continue reading