Memories of Reading

I recently attended an education research conference where PhD and master’s students, along with other scholars, presented their work. One of the presentations I attended was “Family Literacy Practices: Traditions and Transitions” by Althea Duren and Cynthia Januszka. Their paper discussed family literary practices in a historical context, but also shared the content of practices … Continue reading

When I used to write poetry…

I used to write constantly. Relentlessly. Much of it was poetry. In high school, beyond passing notes to friends or creating a continuing story in a notebook that passed hand to hand I wrote in my journal. I had little bound books, decorated somewhere. I feel like I felt things so strongly, so intensely. Ideas … Continue reading

What Makes a Good Sequel?

By Bahia Simons-Lane ©2012 Bahia Portfolio My aunt and author D.S. Thornton posed this question to me over email the other day. She continued: What makes a successful sequel? What sequels really held up to their predecessors? What sequels really added to the story? Which ones were satisfying and why? Which weren’t and why … Continue reading

Interview for The Daily Creative Writer

A few months ago I was interviewed along with a few other bloggers by Elizabeth Cutright of The Daily Creative Writer.  This interview was really fun to do and it was exciting to see the responses of other bloggers to the same questions (it was especially an honor to be included in an interview with … Continue reading

2012 Books: Year in Review–Part 2

By Bahia Simons-Lane ©2012 Bahia Portfolio Sorry for the delay in getting part 2 posted.  I have been traveling almost non-stop for the past month!  Hopefully I will be back to posting more regularly from here on out. Young Adult 30. Keturah and Lord Death, Leavitt, Martine 3/5 31. The Graveyard Book, Gaiman, Neil 4/5 … Continue reading