“The Violet Hour” by Katherine Hill

3.5 / 5 Stars I just finished reading The Violet Hour, a book written by someone who was in my graduating class in high school. It’s her first novel, though she’s had short stories published before and has been working in the literary field for years. It’s not often that someone you know, even someone … Continue reading

2012 Books: Year in Review–Part 2

By Bahia Simons-Lane ©2012 Bahia Portfolio Sorry for the delay in getting part 2 posted.  I have been traveling almost non-stop for the past month!  Hopefully I will be back to posting more regularly from here on out. Young Adult 30. Keturah and Lord Death, Leavitt, Martine 3/5 31. The Graveyard Book, Gaiman, Neil 4/5 … Continue reading

2012 Books: Year in Review – Part 1

By Bahia Simons-Lane ©2012 Bahia Portfolio This year I managed to come very close to my goal of reading 50 books, hitting a whopping 49 books!  I’ve listed these books in roughly chronological order of reading, but grouped by category.  Some books fit more than one category or were part of a series and depending … Continue reading

“Marvin Plotnik and the Sandy Rivers Hilltop Ranch for Wayward Youth, Juveniles, and Young Adults” – A Review

Art by D. S. Thornton

Plot Summary Marvin isn’t your typical kid.  In fact, he’s a real smart-ass.  His antics finally force his parents to send him away – For His Own Good.  That’s how he arrives at the Sandy Rivers Hilltop Ranch for Wayward Youths, Juveniles, and Young Adults, along with a bunch of other trouble making kids. However, … Continue reading

So I Actually Read Fifty Shades of Grey – My Reactions

I had not planned to read Fifty Shades of Grey and I certainly did not expect to enjoy the book.  I had written it off as something overrated.  When I first heard about it I learned it was based on fanfiction out of a book I hated (Twilight), so I didn’t have high expectations.  But … Continue reading