“Student Bodies” – Revealing Dress by Students in Higher Education

I recently read this article at the Chronicle of Higher Education about college students wearing revealing dress.  Clothing that is so revealing, the writer (and professor) explains, it is a distraction to the learning environment.  The whole article is so interesting and thought provoking that it’s hard to pull out the key points to quote … Continue reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Money on the Table

I recently read this post about the rise of tuition in private universities.  Among other things, Peter Wood comments: The university president I worked for had a colorful way of framing the problem. He would remind his administrative colleagues, “We don’t want to leave money sitting on the table.” What he meant was that if … Continue reading

The Restoration: Part-Timers Threaten Quality of Teaching?

In response to The Chronicle of Higher Education article titled Conditions Imposed on Part-Time Adjuncts Threaten Quality of Teaching, Researchers Say a part-time adjunct responds in this blog post regarding the tactics they use in class – ones that correspond with best practices that the article highlights. While the Chronicle article primarily blames the conditions … Continue reading