Gunmania 2008: Spring Issue (vol 2)

The magazine I write for has just come out with it’s spring issue, so check it out. This magazine is a quarterly publication about Gunma Prefecture (群馬県), where I currently live. In this issue: -Running (And Cycling) For A Cause by Erin Kessler -Great Japan Beer Festival by Bahia Simons-Morton -Gunma Public: Teacher Dorama by … Continue reading

Am I a Good ALT? – Getting Feedback From JET Programme Schools

Originally published in Gunmania: — “What does my school think of me?” is something that many ALTs often wonder. With little feedback from teachers due to time constraints or cultural differences, some ALTs are left without a clue as to how they are viewed in their job. Combine that with the Japanese tendency to … Continue reading

Gunmania Issue 2008 (Vol. 1 – Winter)

Just out is the newest issue of Gunmania, our prefecture’s online magazine of which I used to be the editor. While I am currently not the editor, I have contributed a few articles to this season’s issue. This issue looks pretty good so please check it out. If you’re interested, check out the back issues … Continue reading