The Language of Japan

I wanted to write a really interesting and profound post for the Japan Blog Matsuri, but every year I forget about it, miss the deadline, or can’t think of anything for the theme, so I’m just going to write this post anyway – believe it or not, I began the draft of this post for … Continue reading

Japanese Study Resources: Audio

I haven’t posted in a long time about my study regime or what resources I have been using lately.  This post is going to focus on the audio  resources I use, which are mostly podcasts (I’ll post about video resources later). I spend about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours listening to Japanese.  Usually I listen … Continue reading

SRS: Japanese Study Update 2008年7月11日

Recently I have tried to up the amount of Japanese study that I do every day and I have been seeing an improvement in the rate of my language learning. I feel that I am retaining a lot more new words and grammar with my new study regimen. The main part of my study is … Continue reading

日本語は難しい!or Language Learning IS Cultural Learning

(Nihongo wa muzukashi!) OR Language Learning IS Cultural Learning.   In October 2007 I gave a talk for 14 Japanese elementary school teachers. Almost all were homeroom teachers. Most only teach with their ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) once a month. The information was basic: Effective Teaching Methods and Useful Conversation Methods for Elementary Schools, but … Continue reading