The Language of Japan

I wanted to write a really interesting and profound post for the Japan Blog Matsuri, but every year I forget about it, miss the deadline, or can’t think of anything for the theme, so I’m just going to write this post anyway – believe it or not, I began the draft of this post for … Continue reading

JET Programme Update – Still on Chopping Block

This is just a brief update on the status of the JET Programme in light of the recent Japanese evaluation of governmental waste in spending.  The current JET issue has recently come to the attention to many international news outlets and the JET alumni community has been taking steps to get the word out and … Continue reading

Getting Started on Learning a Second Language

All Japanese All the Time (AJATT) While he focuses on Japanese and Chinese learning, most of the techniques he recommends can be applied to any language. Spaced Repetition Software This moves things from your short term memory into your long term memory through reviewing flashcards using algorithms. There are different options for this software. … Continue reading

SRS: Japanese Study Update 2008年7月11日

Recently I have tried to up the amount of Japanese study that I do every day and I have been seeing an improvement in the rate of my language learning. I feel that I am retaining a lot more new words and grammar with my new study regimen. The main part of my study is … Continue reading

日本語は難しい!or Language Learning IS Cultural Learning

(Nihongo wa muzukashi!) OR Language Learning IS Cultural Learning.   In October 2007 I gave a talk for 14 Japanese elementary school teachers. Almost all were homeroom teachers. Most only teach with their ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) once a month. The information was basic: Effective Teaching Methods and Useful Conversation Methods for Elementary Schools, but … Continue reading