International Education Week 2010

This week, November 15th to 19th, is the 11th annual International Education Week. “And today, fortunately my new role, it affords me extraordinary opportunities to visit foreign countries.  And during these trips, I try to spend as much time as possible with young people.  And those experiences are what convince me so fully that it’s … Continue reading

Letter trove details Occupation life in Japan

The Japan Times will begin publishing thousands of pages of letters written by a young American woman living in Japan during the US occupation.  Her letters detail the state of many cities after the war, the first appearance of Emperor Hirohito as a man (and not as a deity), and the well-off situations of the … Continue reading

2008年4月8日: Japan News Update

News: Phillapino woman cut into pieces and left in a locker. Experienced native English teachers in Osaka offered only 4-month contracts. Teachers call on Osaka governer not to cut the English program. As email use becomes more prevalent in schools, it can be both a blessing for student- teacher communication, and it can also open … Continue reading

2008年4月2日: Japan News Update

Mutangfrog Travelblog finds report that 40% of Japan blogs are spam. Check out the pervert daikon in Shizuoka. Japan activist, Debito Arudou, writes about how forums promoting how Japanese and foreigners can live together are often not producing much success. The Japanese love eels. But what to do about the possible”eel crisis“? This review of … Continue reading

2008年3月25日: Recent Japan News

Writer blogs her way to top literary prize : Most blog postings in Japanese; “Technorati found 37 percent of all postings were in Japanese — about 1.5 million per day.” Ministry to hold special courses for handling foreign press : Special training to help Japanese communicate clearly with foreign press. Hawker’s kin in Japan to … Continue reading