The Morning After Election 2012

Today is a great day for America, though perhaps you can say that after any presidential election.  We came, we voted, we decided.  Every election day is a great day for democracy. I remember being a child watching the states being colored in red and blue.  I remember staying up later than usual on those … Continue reading

“They just send you your check.”

If you’ve been watching TV at all these days you are used to being bombarded with political ads as the 2012 presidential election approaches.  Particularly if you’re in a swing state, like I am, the campaigning can be pretty aggressive.  I keep seeing an attack ad regarding welfare.  This ad immediately rubbed me the wrong … Continue reading

Being a Feminist in Japan; Watching the Election From Afar

As I have been reading about the ongoing primary election battle in the States and thinking about the choice of democratic candidates, I have done a lot of thinking. Rebecca Traister’s article on, “Hey, Obama Boys: Back off already!” in particular made me think about the current political climate and about what Hillary Clinton … Continue reading