#Quakebook Now Available in Print Wordwide

#Quakebook, which I blogged about recently (#quakebook – A Twitter-sourced Charity Book for Japan) just announced the release of the print editions of the book.  I already bought the digital version, but I’d really like to get my hands on the bilingual Japanese-English version available on Amazon.co.jp. The press release regarding the conversion to print is … Continue reading

#quakebook – A Twitter-sourced Charity Book for Japan

By now, you’ve probably already heard of #quakebook, developed in just 4 weeks by crowdsourcing authors, bloggers, and regular people to write about their experiences with the earthquake in Japan.  If you haven’t, it’s an incredibly worthwhile project that gives back to Japan 100%.  Completely created by volunteers, there is no profit or overhead taken … Continue reading

Where to Look in Social Media for Japan Updates

After the earthquake and subsequent tsunami Facebook and Twitter became top ways that information was being spread about what was happening in Japan.  The way I heard about the safety of my friends living there was primarily through Facebook and many friends maintained constant contact with the foreign community in Japan using it.  I think … Continue reading