Harajuku Fashion, 2008

Below are some photos I took while recently in Harajuku, Tokyo. All photos are copyrighted by Bahia Simons-Morton (me), all rights reserved. Happy Love © Bahia Simons-Morton Leader of the Pack © Bahia Simons-Morton Advertisements

Great Japan Beer Festival

My first reaction when I heard about the Great Japan Beer Festival during Golden Week was, “Awesome, I like beer! Let’s go!” My second impression, after viewing the poorly designed and amateurish website was, “On second thought, this website is really lame. Maybe we shouldn’t go…” In the end, however, we spontaneously went to Tokyo … Continue reading

Photo Post #1

Headphone Punk, Shibuya 2007 Geisha Doll, taken at Ikaho Toy and Doll Museum, 2007 Red Alligator, Gunma, taken in a home goods store in Takasaki Aeon Mall, 2008 ©2008 Bahia Simons-Morton

America is Not a Country

Sitting on the express train returning to Gunma from Tokyo, we were a bit tired from our busy weekend, yet optimistic because the next day, Monday, happened to be a holiday. We fidgeted in our seats, adjusting them for a comfortable trip; though not quite as comfortable as the shinkansen, riding the express train is … Continue reading

Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Imagine being swept along in a flow of people, all heading toward some central point. The people are all types; old, young, male, female, adult, and child. There are many of them; all pushing and excited. But what is it they are dying to see? Cars. Hundreds of new cars, all gloriously painted and waxed. … Continue reading