JNTO Seeks to Offer 10,000 Free Tickets to Japan

There is an incredible opportunity in the works with JNTO requesting funds for 10,000 free roundtrip tickets to Japan.  This comes in the wake of the severe drop in tourism that has been experienced by Japan since the tsunami and earthquake devastated the country, particularly because of radiation concerns. If this does indeed go through … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Japan…

After three years I am finally leaving Japan. As the plane tickets are finalized (and payed for), and as we pack up our belongings; ruthlessly throwing out the things which we don’t need, the realization that we are actually leaving hits me. I have had a great time living in Japan and I have learned … Continue reading

Gunmania 2008: Spring Issue (vol 2)

The magazine I write for has just come out with it’s spring issue, so check it out. This magazine is a quarterly publication about Gunma Prefecture (群馬県), where I currently live. In this issue: -Running (And Cycling) For A Cause by Erin Kessler -Great Japan Beer Festival by Bahia Simons-Morton -Gunma Public: Teacher Dorama by … Continue reading

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

A typhoon brought in rain from the south today. The amount of rain and wind is unpredictable, so I layered on my raingear this morning, piece by piece. From plastic bags in my shoes, to trash bags covering my back pack and a rain jacket, I waterproofed myself as well as I could. When I … Continue reading


学校へ行こう!(gakkou e ikou!) is a Japanese television show showed from 8 to 9 pm on Tuesday nights on TBS. The title means, “Let’s go to school!” and the show focuses on various school related activities and games. It is hosted by the idol group V6. There is some debate as to the meaning of “V” … Continue reading