100th Post! Ruminations about reading, writing, and TV adaptations

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted in my blog! I guess that’s what happens when you are in graduate school. The past 9 months I feel as though I have done nothing but read and write, but that reading and writing was to fill my brain with knowledge and not for pleasure … Continue reading

When I used to write poetry…

I used to write constantly. Relentlessly. Much of it was poetry. In high school, beyond passing notes to friends or creating a continuing story in a notebook that passed hand to hand I wrote in my journal. I had little bound books, decorated somewhere. I feel like I felt things so strongly, so intensely. Ideas … Continue reading

What Makes a Good Sequel?

By Bahia Simons-Lane ©2012 Bahia Portfolio bahiaportfolio.wordpress.com My aunt and author D.S. Thornton posed this question to me over email the other day. She continued: What makes a successful sequel? What sequels really held up to their predecessors? What sequels really added to the story? Which ones were satisfying and why? Which weren’t and why … Continue reading

Gunmania Issue 2008 (Vol. 1 – Winter)

Just out is the newest issue of Gunmania, our prefecture’s online magazine of which I used to be the editor. While I am currently not the editor, I have contributed a few articles to this season’s issue. This issue looks pretty good so please check it out. If you’re interested, check out the back issues … Continue reading